Data Recovery

We Dig Deep for Data Recovery

Plenty of companies in the Triad say that they do recovery, but in our opinion, most of them are doing it wrong.

We use a hardware tool from DeepSpar for data recovery. DeepSpar is focused purely on hard disk data recovery and forensics solutions. We use DeepSpar to create an image of your malfunctioning hard drive and copy the image onto a functioning drive. Compare that to what most companies do: use software tools to try to pull data off a malfunctioning drive, which can actually damage the drive even more.

With DeepSpar, our success rate for data recovery rate is 80 percent. The data recovery rate using software is 30 percent, at best.


Why else should you choose I.T. Worx for data recovery?

  • All our data recovery work is done in house.
  • We charge a $55 attempt fee for data recovery. If the attempt is successful, that $55 is applied to the cost of the recovery, which is $250.
  • If there is a sucessful recovery we still cannot garranty the fitness of the data.  Files can be damaged or missing.
  • We can typically complete data recovery in three days or less.


Our technicians receive specific training in data recovery, which means they can do more than run off-the-shelf software-based programs. And maybe just as important, they take data recovery just as seriously as you do.